A Bilingual Chinese / Australian Production Company

Focused on Chinese films for the Chinese market

Experienced in both the Chinese and International Film and Television Industry

Culturally aware and sensitive to the needs of Chinese Production Companies

The name Harvest Pictures Group comes from the name of the 50 metre scroll that hangs in the National Museum of Australia that depicts 200 years of Chinese immigration and contribution to modern Australia. This scroll is called Harvest of Endurance and building on this strong cultural link is a guiding light for Harvest Pictures Group.
Harvest Pictures Group is looking to not only provide the skills China needs to continue to grow the quality and size of its domestic market but also provide a doorway into International markets that the Chinese media and entertainment industry is seeking and to do so in a more culturally aware and creatively collaborative way. Our view is that with its shared time zone, similar budget ranges, stable and open political environment, deep and longstanding cultural links and an award winning industry that has been built on engaging with international markets that Australia is an ideal partner for China