The modern Chinese Film industry has seen massive growth since the early 2000’s

China is due to overtake the USA and become the largest film industry in the world by 2020

Chinese audiences are increasingly sophisticated and exposed to international level productions

This exposure is leading to an increased expectation on the quality of Chinese films and TV

The marketplace of China is looking to have its film and television projects showcased internationally

The Chinese Domestic Box Office in 2017 was ¥55.9 Billion. ¥30 Billion of this was from Chinese films.

The International Box Office in 2017 was over ¥250 Billion. If Chinese films could capture 10% of this International Box Office it would double the revenue of the Chinese film industry.

The Chinese industry is also looking for its films and TV productions to increase their international market share and International Awards

The last Oscar Win for a Chinese film was in 2000 for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The last Oscar Nomination for a Chinese film was in 2002 for Hero

The Chinese industry needs internationally experienced film makers to satisfy this domestic and overseas demand for international level productions

To fast track the many years needed to build a high level of international experience, China needs to access these international skills and experiences from outside of China