Financial Incentives

Harvest Pictures Group can bring financial incentives to projects that are looking to film or complete post production work in Australia. There are two types of Australian Government Incentives available for projects that are not Official Co-Productions as well as State Government Incentives. Harvest Pictures Group will secure the highest possible incentives from Australian Federal and State Governments including:

The Location Offset – a 16.5% Incentive for film and TV projects that shoot in Australia and spend more than A$15 million on Qualifying Australian Production Expenditure (QAPE)

The PDV Offset – a 30% Incentive for film and TV projects that spend more than A$500,000 in Australia on post production, digital and visual effects work.

State Incentives – a 4% – 6% Incentive based on the money spent in that State

An example of how the financial incentives would work on a project that spends A$20 million in Australia on Qualifying Production Costs and $1 million on Qualifying Post Production Costs.
1. The Chinese Production Company provides the script and engages Harvest to be its Australian Production Services Company
2. Harvest presents a budget (including its fee) to the Chinese Production Company and estimates the value of the Incentives.
3. Once the budget is approved and funds received Harvest engages Australian cast, crew and various facilities companies
4. Once Production is complete Harvest applies for the 16.5% Location Offset of around A$3.3 million. Funds paid to Chinese Producer
5. Once Post Production is complete Harvest applies for the 30% PDV Offset of around A$300,000. Funds paid to Chinese Producer
6. Harvest will oversee all aspects of production and post production in Australia ensuring high quality and best value.